Bachelor of Arts in Art with a Concentration in Studio Art

This concentration prepares students for graduate study in either studio or art history, or for a number of career areas in art-related fields, depending on the courses selected and individual interests. Students interested in two major areas—such as art and English, or art and languages—might elect a dual major or take a broad spectrum of courses in both areas.


(52 credits, plus Undergraduate Curriculum requirements and electives to total 128 credits)

1. Two courses in Art and Design

  • FA 102 Studio Art Foundations I
  • FA 103 Studio Art Foundations II
  • FA 104 Drawing I

2. Two courses in Art History from the following:

  • AH 111 Renaissance to Modern Art or AH 112 Egyptian to Medieval Art
  • AH 221 History of Modern Architecture
  • AH 222 Renaissance Art
  • AH 224 Baroque Art
  • AH 225 9th Century Art

3. Senior Capstone Experience

  • FA  383 Senior Studio
  • FA 484 Senior Thesis Research Seminar
  • FA 490 Senior Thesis

4. 27 additional credits in studio art, which would include three advanced studios in a concentration. NOTE: Students in this program may be accepted into Interior Design courses only with permission of the coordinator.

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