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The Art and Design Department strongly encourages students to take full advantage of the study abroad opportunities that Arcadia University offers. Art and Design majors traditionally have spent a semester or more abroad. Opportunities exist in many countries including England, Ireland, Scotland, Australia and Italy.

Art and Design majors need to meet with their advisers as freshmen to plan study abroad options. Almost all concentrations in Art and Design have sequenced courses, which are taken in a specific order. Certain concentrations only permit study abroad during a specific semester. Careful planning is essential to avoid having to take an extra semester or year to complete the degree.

Visit the University’s website for Pathways to Study Abroad ( in Art and Design. Since it is important that students plan ahead for study abroad, they should consult with their advisers as soon as possible and make their intentions known to the Department Chair and the Associate Dean of International Affairs.

Below are some but not all of the schools at which Art and Design majors can study. In addition to formal classes, there are internship programs in England, Ireland, Scotland and Australia.

Specific Art Programs Abroad

  • The Burren College of Art (Ireland)
  • The Glasgow School of Art (Scotland)
  • The Slade School of Fine Arts (England)
  • The Queensland College of Art (Australia)
  • Victorian College of Art (Australia)

Studio Art/Design Courses Abroad

  • Westminster University (United Kingdom)
  • Lancaster University (United Kingdom)
  • Manchester University (United Kingdom)
  • Australian National University (Australia)
  • James Cook University (Australia)
  • Queensland University of Technology (Australia)
  • University of Queensland (Australia)
  • Victoria University (New Zealand)
  • Goldsmiths College (United Kingdom)
  • Middlesex University (United Kingdom)
  • University of New South Wales (Australia)
  • Wollongong University (Australia)
  • Monash University (Australia)
  • The Accademia Italiana in Florence (Italy)
  • The Umbra Institute in Perugia (Italy)

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