Computer Science & Mathematics Faculty


  • Dr. Louis M. Friedler (Actuarial Science Program Director)
  • Dr. Carlos E. Ortiz
  • Dr. Edward F. Wolff

Associate Professor

  • Dr. Yanxia Jia (Computer Science Program Director)
  • Dr. Xizhong Zheng (Chair)

Assistant Professors

  • Dr. Richard J. Arras
  • Dr. Zaneta Chapman
  • Dr. Kathy Macropol

Adjunct Professors

  • Dr. Marion Cohen (Mathematics)
  • Michael Engel (Computer Science)
  • Daphne Ewing (Computer Science)
  • Richard Garvin (Computer Science and Mathematics)
  • William Gingrich (Mathematics)
  • Dr. Mohammed Khalil (Mathematics)
  • Barbara Kulp (Computer Science)
  • Lawrence Lee (Mathematics)
  • Dr. Ethan Lewis (Mathematics)
  • Cathrine Magee (Mathematics)
  • Lewis Motter (Computer Science)
  • Robert Osifchin (Mathematics)
  • Francis Prendergast (Mathematics)
  • Madhu Puri (Mathematics)
  • Elaine M. Rodgers (Mathematics)
  • Jonathan Shina(Mathematics)

Director of Developmental Mathematics

  • Renee Starr


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