School Counseling Concentration Requirements

(48 credits)

Elementary School Counseling
Secondary School Counseling

1. Core Courses (27 credits)

  • PY 502 Educational and Career Counseling, School
  • PY 517 Human Development: Life Span
  • PY 521 Research Design, Methods and Evaluation
  • PY 572 Concepts of Mental Health and Mental Illness
  • PY 586 Theories and Techniques of Counseling
  • PY 625 Psychological Testing
  • PY 688 Cultural Bases of Counseling
  • PY 630C Internship (3 credits, 150 hours)
  • PY 631C Internship (3 credits, 150 hours)

2. Concentration Courses (21 credits)

  • PY 501 Foundations of School Counseling
  • PY 612 Practical Applications for School Counselors
  • PY 615 Child and Adolescent Therapy: Clinical and School Applications
  • ED 580 Introduction to Inclusive Education
  • ED 582 Supporting Students with High Incidence Disabilities
  • ED 585 Positive Behavioral Approaches
  • ED 622 ESL: Teaching Multilingual/Multicultural Literacies

3. PY 587 Practicum (non credit): A non-credit Practicum experience consisting of at least 100 hours of documented, supervised counseling experience in an approved setting is required before the student is permitted to enroll in internship.

4. Additional Requirements for Pennsylvania Department of Education School Specialist Certification in:

Elementary School Counseling
Secondary School Counseling

  1. Satisfactory completion of all coursework for the school counseling program
  2. Satisfactory completion of Practicum and Internship in the area(s) of certification. Students wishing to be certified in both Elementary and Secondary School Counseling must complete internships in both areas. (Note: Students must be admitted successfully to candidacy before beginning internship.)
  3. Completion of forms required by the University and the Pennsylvania Department of Education (available in the College of Graduate Studies).
  4. In addition to the required courses in the School Counseling program, a student seeking state certification in Pennsylvania for School Counseling K-12 must take the Praxis II test in Professional School Counselor (0421).


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