Peer Tutoring through the Learning Resource Network

Our philosophy of peer tutoring is grounded in the belief that good students can model appropriate learning behaviors for other students. Peer tutors can remember what it is like to learn new material and can empathize with their 'tutees.' Peer tutors understand the pressures of getting good grades, the need to balance school with jobs, socializing, and family responsibilities. Because we encourage a tutor-tutee relationship that is based upon the concept of collaboration rather than remediation, there should be no 'stigma' attached to working with a LRN tutor. For the most part, students use tutoring because they are interested in learning with other students, even if they are not having serious academic difficulties.

The goals of peer tutoring through the Learning Resource Network are to: 

  • promote independent learning
  • personalize instruction
  • facilitate insights into the learning process
  • provide a student perspective on learning and academic success
  • respect individual differences

Peer tutoring is provided free of charge for most undergraduate courses. Drop-in tutoring is available Monday through Friday at Landman Library. Call or e-mail for a schedule. To request a one-on-one tutor, come to the Learning Resource Network Lab  in Knight Hall and fill out a form at the front desk. Or, you can send an e-mail to or call 215-572-4033 and give your request to the desk staff.

Opportunities for group study through the Learning Resource Network

The Learning Resource Network encourages students to form study groups and can provide expert tutors to act as study group leaders.

  • Experienced tutors may form study groups for 2-3 students for the courses they tutor. Students interested in forming study groups led by LRN tutors should contact the Director, Linda Pizzi, at 215-572-4086 or at

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