How to Choose a College or School
That Offers Forensic Science

While there are relatively few colleges that offer forensic science, often there are big differences among them.

Look for an Accredited College for Forensic Science

One of the best ways to distinguish between schools for forensic science is to use the list of forensic science programs fully accredited by the Forensic Science Education Programs Accreditation Commission (FEPAC). FEPAC conducts formal evaluation of colleges with forensic science education in an effort to maintain standards that recognize and distinguish high quality undergraduate and graduate forensic science programs.

  • Arcadia University is one of only a few colleges for forensic science programs in the nation offering a FEPAC-accredited master’s in forensic science.

Choose a Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry or Biology 

Students who are interested in a career in forensic science can start by choosing an appropriate bachelor’s degree in either Chemistry or Biology. While there are several colleges offering forensic science at the undergraduate level, many of those programs focus on technician skills—not on the science knowledge needed to become a practicing Forensic Scientist.

Students who want to use DNA samples to help identify victims, help police determine if poison was a murder weapon, and conduct chemical testing on bomb residue need to attend a master’s school of forensic science. An accredited college for forensic science master's degree program will require a strong science foundation.

Look for Assured Admission to a Forensic Graduate Program 

Students who complete Arcadia's pre-Forensic Science 3+2 or 4+2 programs are assured admission to the master's Forensic Science program. Arcadia's undergraduate students study either Chemistry or Biology, and many participate in the Honors Program. Take some of the uncertainty out of planning your future and choosing among forensic science degree programs. Know that if you successfully complete the forensic science curriculum requirements a spot in the master's program is waiting for you.

Make Sure You Will Have Access to High-Tech Labs, Real-Life Cases 

Among forensic college programs, Arcadia is unique in its partnership with the nationally known NMS Labs, which is among the nation's premier labs and is frequently involved in high-profile cases as well as serving the local law enforcement community.

Arcadia's guaranteed internship at the Center for Forensic Science Research and Education is a unique feature not available at other colleges with forensic science. This highly desirable 15-week internal internship program at the Foundation gives every student valuable real-world experience and career-preparation. Arcadia believes that hands-on experience is so essential that it is a forensic science degree requirement.

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