Elaine Jones

Dr. Elaine Jones

Assistant Professor of Psychology

Dr. Elaine Jones' research interests include moral development, development of social attribution processes, cultural and ethnic variations in person perception, the influences of actor race and actor gender on children’s social judgments, and the socio-emotional development of African American children. She has conducted a number of research studies, presented papers at conferences, and published journal articles. Her study on the influences of actor race on person perception formed the basis of a segment for a televised program on racial bias which aired on the Discovery Channel (co-produced by Dateline NBC) in March 2000.

Recent Publications

  • Thomson, N.R., & Jones, E.F. (2005). "Children's, Adolescents', and Young Adults' Reward Allocations to Hypothetical Siblings and Fairness Judgments: Effects of Actor Gender, Character Type, and Allocation Pattern." The Journal of Psychology. 139(4):349-368.
  • Jones, E.F., & Thomson, N.R. (2001). "Action perception and outcome valence: effects on children’s inferences of intentionality and moral and liking judgments." J. Genet Psychol. 162(2):154-166.

Recent Support

  • Christian R. & Mary F. Lindback Foundation Minority Junior Faculty Grant

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