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Preview Spring Break Study Abroad

Arcadia's 21st Preview / Global Expo, April 4
Each of the 388 first-year and transfer students and 40 faculty and staff members have returned from Preview, having immersed themselves in other cultures as part of unique academic courses. The University community is invited to learn more about their experiences at the Global Expo on Friday, April 4, from 3 to 5 p.m. in the Commons.

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Preview is a two-credit, spring semester course for first-year students at Arcadia University, offering a weeklong international experience over spring break. This course is open to all students who enter Arcadia in their first-year, whether as a freshman or a transfer student. These unique courses are taught weekly in the spring semester on campus and culminate in a weeklong field study overseas. The field study is designed for students to examine the rich complexities of their studies, including history, music, art, global economy, and popular culture. Preview courses are dedicated to the communities they explore, and some courses work alongside service organizations here in the U.S. and continue during the week overseas. 

Because Arcadia University is deeply committed to its global mission, the University subsidizes Preview to ensure that all students have an opportunity to engage in the world, beginning in their first-year. The University believes in the high-impact learning that happens with a global experience as part of a student's academic career.

Students who go on Preview return to challenge ideas and boundaries, pursue majors or classes they had not considered, develop an interest in foreign languages, or are hungry to explore study abroad experiences over a summer, semester or year through The College of Global Studies at Arcadia University

Arcadia pioneered the Preview program in 1994 and the enormous success of this program is because the faculty who teach the courses, the staff who support the program, and the students who participate in Preview use the world as their classroom, learning through real-world experience.

Preview Fees and Eligibility for 2014

  • First-year students entering Fall 2014: $495
  • This includes air and ground transportation, hostel accommodation, and programmed activities.
  • Plan to spend $50-$100 per day for food.

Preview is open to any first-year student who enters the University in the summer or fall with less than 32 credits. Students who enter the University in the fall semester must earn a minimum of 1.75 GPA during the fall semester to participate in spring. If a student enters the University in spring, he/she cannot be on academic probation at the conclusion of the fall semester. Students who are on active social probation at the time of departure in March will forfeit their privilege to participate. Students who enter the University as a member of the Honors program do not pay the Preview fee.


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