Moore Gregg

Mr. Gregg Moore

Associate Professor of Art and Design

Gregg Moore’s body of sculptural work is a meditation on time and metamorphosis. Although Moore’s sculptures are diverse in themes and materials, he explores domestic and natural environments in a unified body of work that resists categorization. His sculpture ranges from domestic vessels that are refashioned into collections—unified by mathematical principles and primary colors—and re-imagined as the Gigantic. His geologically inspired work indicates that creation in both the domestic and the natural environments are susceptible to the same processes.

He is intrigued by science—his background in geological science providing perhaps the most profound influence upon his work. Here he eschews the separation of art and science as motivating and explanatory systems for understanding the processes of creation. Thus his fascination with “the stratigraphy of culture and the stratigraphy of nature.”

In his current work the Miner’s Canary Project, an ongoing series of sculptures whose focal point is an assemblage of enameled bright yellow birds. Ironically, the effect of the birds’ dazzling color is similar to the visual delight of a wedding cake: an architectural confection celebrating union and heralding life. Here instead, the representations are lifeless, strewn in carefully layered pyramids and piles in cages or on top of them—their color emblematic of the canaries used by miners in their search and seizure of one of earth’s fossil fuels: anthracite coal. The color is signage for an abstraction leading us finally to the detrimental effects of human interaction with the earth, a representation of the carnage of human habitation and our dependence upon solar energy.

Recent Presentations

  • Moore, G. (2008). Focus the Nation: The Biodiesel Kiln Project. Arcadia University, Glenside, PA.
  • Moore, G. (2007). Faculty Forum Lecture, Arcadia University. Presentation and discussion of professional research to the Arcadia faculty.

Recent Exhibits

  • Moore, G. (2008). Solo Exhibition. The Miner’s Canary Project. Cross MacKenzie Gallery, Washington D.C.
  • Moore, G. (2008). The Bird: Homage to Brancussi. The Clay Studio, Philadelphia, PA.
  • Moore, G. (2008). Small Favors, The Clay Studio, Philadelphia, PA.
  • Moore, G. (2007). Mastery in Clay 2007, The Clay Studio, Philadelphia, PA.
  • Moore, G. (2007). NCECA Clay National Biennial Exhibition, Louisville KY.
  • Moore, G. (2007). Ceramic Abstraction: Exploration and Evidence, Creative Arts Workshop, New Haven, CT.

Moore, G. (2007). Abstract Sculpture, The Clay Studio, Philadelphia, PA.

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