Phi Delta Kappa - Arcadia University Chapter

What Is Phi Delta Kappa International?

Phi Delta Kappa is an international professional association for men and women in education. The membership is composed of professionals in the field of education, of graduate students preparing for careers in education, and undergraduates who are enrolled in or have successfully completed their student teaching. Members of Phi Delta Kappa who are already employed in the profession range from classroom teachers and school administrators to college and university professors and to educational specialists of many types. In Phi Delta Kappa, this diverse membership finds a fellowship based on common interests and a common focus on the promotion and improvement of education, with particular emphasis on publicly supported education.

There are currently about 650 Phi Delta Kappa chapters in the United States, Canada, and abroad. There are chapters in Puerto Rico, the Isthmus of Panama, the Virgin Islands, and Guam -- as well as international chapters in the United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, Korea, Belgium, Thailand, Italy, Okinawa, the Philippines, Japan, Taiwan, Spain, and Bermuda. Approximately half of the chapters are based on college or university campuses that have graduate departments of education. The other half are community-based. Phi Delta Kappa membership in good standing is approximately 100,000.

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