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About the Honors Program

Arcadia's Honors Program integrates the Honors students' drive to succeed academically with their ability to create change through local, national and global leadership. Students in this integrative and dynamic program become a community of learners, doers and emerging professionals as they engage in a challenging, interdisciplinary curriculum that explores new avenues of inquiry and venues of learning while putting their talents to work in service-learning opportunities both at Arcadia and on a more global campus. 

Specialized opportunities for professional-level scholarship, internships and presentations are provided to ready these students for their professional careers and maximize their marketability.

Laura Haeberle '13 honors student bloggerMeet an Honors Program Student: 
Laura Haeberle '14 blogs about her experiences.

Program Goals

  • Establish a community of Honors students that fosters scholarly pursuits and leadership.
  • Provide Honors courses that are academically inviting and challenging while encouraging students’ talents and broadening their knowledge base.
  • Provide opportunities beyond normal campus activities to expand and encourage cultural, scientific and artistic appreciation.
  • Encourage Honors students to actively participate in campus activities, assume leadership roles, and create new campus programs and events.
  • Involve Honors students actively in the Honors Program through the Honors Council and by initiating Honors projects.

Lauren Schrift '12 Honors Program Student

Faculty/Program Directors 

  • William Meiers ’93M, ’96M, Associate Dean and Director of the Honors Program, Academic Coordinator of the First Year Study Abroad Experience (FYSAE), English Instructor
  • Helene Klein, Co-Director of the Honors Program, English Instructor
  • The faculty members who offer courses in the Honors Program come from many different academic disciplines.


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William Meiers
Associate Dean and Director of the Honors Program

Helene Klein, J.D.
Co-Director of the
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