Honors Program Project Topics

Spring 2008

  • Behavior Modification of Self-Injury in Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Do You Know What Your Kids Are Reading?
  • Fred and Ginger: A Rhythm of Their Own
  • Nostradamus and the Power of Interpretation
  • Political Correctness: Correct or Corrupt?
  • The Yangtze River’s Three Gorges Hydroelectric Dam

Spring 2007

  • All These Lives: The Impact of Family
  • MySpace Mania, Facebook Frenzy: How Are Social Networking Sites Affecting Our Society?
  • Remembering Gossip: The Role of Personal Familiarity and Celebrity
  • The Evolution of Film
  • The Journey of the Vampire in Literature
  • The Naked and the Nude
  • The World According to the Golden Number
  • The Zodiac Killer: Could Criminal Profiling Have Been Enough?

Spring 2006

  • An Overview of the Female Athlete Triad: Prevention and Diagnosis in the PAC
  • Breaking Tradition: The Family Tree of Modern Dance
  • "Carlos Saves the Day" (An original, illustrated children's text about the primates  on Bioko Island)
  • Harry Potter: Fantastical Adolescent Hero or Fundamentally Wicked Wizard?
  • How Much of an Influence Does the Media Have on How Children Develop Socially?
  • Let Her Works Praise Her: The Roles of Women in the Old and New Testaments
  • Media's Effect on Body Image
  • Photography Journal: Model UN Trip to Beijing
  • Searching My Family Tree: An Exploration of Amateur Geneology
  • Setting the Stage: Designing Arcadia's Savage in Limbo
  • Steroids: Worth the Risk?
  • The Reality of Fantasy: An Exploration of Fantasy Literature
  • Who Wants to Direct A Remake?
  • You Are What You Eat: America's Food Choices and the Glycemic Index

Spring 2005

  • DDT Use Against Malaria in Africa
  • Examining the Need of an American National Theater Program
  • Evolution of the Xavantes' Relationship with Outsiders
  • Indigenous Peoples of Guatemala: A Tale of Terror
  • "My Gray Haven": How to Become a Published Author and Other  Assorted Mischief
  • Nonlinear Dynamics: Chaos Theory
  • Osiris and Isis: Resurrection Themes in Ancient Mythology
  • "The London Eye", an original piano composition
  • The Mystery of Jack the Ripper
  • Understanding Religious Violence: Why Do They Hate Us?
  • Wicca: The Burning New Interest Among Teenagers
  • Witchcraft: The Truth and the Lies

Fall 2004

  • Irish Castles,
  • Wellness: Mind and Body
  • Judaism
  • Holistic Medicine in Veterinary Science
  • The Roles of Fatherhood in the Animal Kingdom
  • Investigations into the Golden Age of aviation

Spring 2004

  • Anachronisms of Thought: Philosophical Themes of "King Lear"
  • Election of 2004: A Contest Between Terror and Everything Else
  • Eugene Onegin: Life Set to Music
  • History of Irish Dance
  • Homosexuality in Public Schools: Creating Safe and Inclusive Classrooms
  • Homeschooling: A Growing and Successful Movement
  • Horse and Herd Mentality and Training
  • Life and Legacy of W. Eugene Smith
  • Medical Malpractice and Quality of Care
  • My Travels in Greece
  • Olympic Games: the Tradition Continues
  • Picasso: The Man, the Artist, the Innovator
  • Symbolism of Jewelry Among Different Cultures
  • Symmetry Through the Eyes of M.C. Escher
  • The Last Emperor: The Fall of the Romanov Dynasty
  • Uses of Webquests in Public Schools

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