Questions about Communicating Abroad

Q: How can I keep in touch with my student while s/he is abroad?

There are many ways in which a student can stay in touch: telephone, e-mail or Skype are just a few. All students will receive a free phone card upon arrival overseas. Some will continue to purchase a phone card for local and international use. Many students consider purchasing a mobile phone in country. Generally, it's cheaper than using a U.S. plan since students can buy a prepaid phone with a top-up card and do not pay for incoming calls in most circumstances. E-mail access is readily available in all countries, either through campus computer labs, a student's own laptop, or cyber cafes. Skype or similar software is also a great option for students and parents. This free software allows for phone access over the computer if two users have the same software.

Q: What technology access will a student have while overseas?

All programs overseas provide students with appropriate technology access for the country in which they are studying. University-based programs give students access to an array of  technology resources within the campus network. In addition, students can stay connected with the Glenside campus via MyArcadia. This portal allows access to the Blackboard Academic Suite of services, student information and library research rooms. All students have access to Wimba tools, which enable them to work on projects with faculty and other Arcadia students at multiple sites around the world, or on our Glenside campus.

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