Minor in Elementary Mathematics Education

(19–20 credits as listed below)

The minor in Elementary Mathematics Education is designed for students majoring in Elementary Education who want to enhance their understanding of mathematics and so meet Pennsylvania certification requirements. This minor is not open to Mathematics majors.

Students who minor in Elementary Mathematics Education may not also minor in Mathematics or Statistics.

At least three of the courses listed below must be taken on Arcadia’s campus.

1. The following course:

  • MA 201 Calculus I

2. Any mathematical methods course taught by Arcadia University’s Department of Education

3. At least three of the following courses:

  • MA 117 Mathematical Concepts I
  • MA 118 Mathematical Concepts II
  • MA 141 Elementary Statistics
  • MA 202 Calculus II
  • MA 203 Calculus III
  • MA 221 Linear Algebra
  • MA 230 Discrete Structures

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