Requirements for Minor in Psychology
(Human Resources)

(30–31 credits as listed below)

Human Resources is a field in which students combine business and psychological principles important to the management professional. Students should complete a major in one discipline and a minor in the other, with the major either in Psychology or Business, based on the area of stronger interest to the student. Courses in Psychology help the student to gain an understanding of human behavior with particular emphasis on issues critical to the dynamics of behavior in an organizational setting. Business courses provide the student with a background in business functional areas as well as study in human resources administration.

1. Seven courses in Psychology

  • PY111 Introduction to Psychology
  • PY221, 222 Psychology as a Natural Science
  • PY 142 Research Methods
  • PY 153 Social Psychology
  • PY 261 Psychology of Work Behavior
  • One psychology elective

2. One course in Mathematics

  • MA 141 Elementary Statistics

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