Forensic Science 4+2 Program

Minimum Requirements for Admission to the Master of Science in Forensic Science

Students who begin their undergraduate education at Arcadia University must complete the following prerequisites:

  • Biological Sciences: four lab/lecture courses, which include General Biology I and II, General Genetics, and Molecular Biology. Anatomy and Physiology are highly recommended.
  • Chemistry: five lab/lecture courses, which include General, Organic Chemistry, and at least one semester of Analytical/Instrumental Chemistry. Quantitative Chemical Analysis is highly recommended.
  • Biochemistry is required.
  • Mathematics: one course in Statistics.
  • Related coursework: A course in Ethics is highly recommended. A Criminal Justice course is also recommended.
  • Earn a bachelor’s degree in Biology or Chemistry from Arcadia University.
  • Achieve a minimum 3.2 GPA overall and a 3.2 in prerequisite courses taken at Arcadia University and elsewhere. A grade of “C” or better must be earned in each prerequisite course. (A grade of C- is unacceptable for prerequisite credit.) All courses in the various designated areas are included when calculating the prerequisite GPA.
  • Achieve a minimum total score of 300 on the verbal and quantitative and a 3.5 or higher on the analytic portion of the Graduate Record Examination (GRE), with no single score below 145. The test may be taken in the junior (preferably) and/or senior year.
  • Work or volunteer related experience: Knowledge of the profession through internships or research experience is preferred but not required.
  • A recommendation from the undergraduate Biology or Chemistry Department Chair.
  • Students desiring assured admission must submit their completed application electronically by November 1 of the academic year of graduation from Arcadia University.
  • Note: The number of allotted assured admissions from the supplying Department will be determined by the Admissions Committee of the Arcadia University Forensic Science program Forensic Science 4+2 leading to master’s degree at Arcadia University on an annual basis. If the supplying Department exceeds the allotted number of assured admissions, the supplying Department will prioritize the list of applicants.
  • Selected students must undergo an interview with the faculty of the Forensic Science program at Arcadia University for final approval.

Students who transfer to Arcadia University must meet the aforementioned criteria as well as the following:

  • Complete a minimum of 15 earned credits per semester—and no fewer than 60 credits over the last four semesters of work at Arcadia University, excluding summers.
  • Earn a bachelor’s degree in Biology or Chemistry from Arcadia University.
  • Successfully complete four of the prerequisite science courses at Arcadia University.

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