Teacher Certification

Environmental Education K–12

Pennsylvania Instructional Teacher Certification (variable credit depending on previous academic credentials)

  • ED 503 General Foundations of Education in the United States
  • ED 513 Meeting the Needs of Diverse Learners
  • ED 523 The Teacher and the Classroom, Secondary
  • ED 556 Strategies and Curriculum in Environmental Education
  • ED 565  Introduction to Instructional Technology
  • ES 501 Introduction to Environmental Studies
  • ES 502 Field Natural History
  • ES 503 Meteorology
  • ES 504 Human Ecology: Use of Natural Resources
  • ES 505 Earth Science
  • ES 506 Society and the Environment
  • ES 510 Introduction to Field Studies
  • ES 511 Aquatic Ecology
  • ED 478 Graduate Student Teaching Practicum: Environmental Education K–12 (6 credits; credits not applicable to master's degree) 
    or ED 583B Fieldwork (for students holding a valid Pennsylvania Instructional I or II certificate) (3 credits; credits not applicable to master's degree)

Additional Certification Requirements

1. Completion of all subject area coursework required to meet the general and specific certification standards of the Pennsylvania Department of Education. This will be determined by the program Coordinator.

2. A grade of "B" or better in the Graduate Student Teaching Practicum

3. Completion of all Praxis examinations is required prior to enrolling for the Student Teaching Practicum.

Praxis I: 

Passing scores on Reading, Writing and Mathematics tests are required for admission to the program.

Praxis II:

Fundamental Subjects: Content Knowledge (30511)

  • Qualifying Score: 150

Environmental Education (10830)

  • Qualifying Score: 600

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