Dr. Jennifer Riggan


Assistant Professor (CV)
Department of Historical
and Political Studies

Jennifer Riggan, Ph.D., began teaching at Arcadia in 2007. She earned a B.A. in English from Trinity College in 1992 and served as a Peace Corps volunteer from 1995 to 1997 in Eritrea. She holds a Ph.D. from the Education, Culture and Society program at the University of Pennsylvania, where she received training in political and educational anthropology and African Studies. Dr. Riggan's ethnographic research addresses a variety of issues including nationalism, citizenship, state formation, militarism, development, and education. She has published on the changing relationship between citizenship and nationalism and on the de- coupling of the nation and the state. She is currently working on a project entitled The Teacher State: Militarization and the Reeducation of the Nation in Eritrea which explores the role of teachers in state-making in the east African nation of Eritrea. This research has been funded by a Fulbright research fellowship, a Social Science Research Council International Dissertation Field Research Fellowship and a Spencer/National Academy of Education Postdoctoral Fellowship.

Recent Publications

  • 2011. “In Between Nations: Ethiopian-Born Eritreans, Liminality and War”. Political and Legal Anthropology Review. 34(1)131-154.
  • 2011. “Meta-travel: A critical inquiry into a China study tour” Riggan, Gwak, Olitsky, Lesnick & Jackson. Frontiers: The Journal of Study Abroad. 21: 236-253.
  • 2011. Book Review of Blood and Culture: Youth, Right Wing Extremism and National Belonging in Contemporary Germany by Cynthia Miller Idriss. American Ethnologist. 38(3) 609-610.
  • 2009. “Avoiding Wastage by Making Soldiers: Technologies of the State and the Imagination of the Educated Nation” In Biopolitics, Militarism, and the Developmental State: Eritrea in the 21st Century, Editors: David O’Kane and Tricia Redeker Hepner, Berghahn Books, Dislocations Series.
  • 2009. Book Review of Warring Souls: Youth, Media and Matryrdom in Post-Revolution Iran by Roxanne Varzi. In Arab Media and Society.

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