Welcome to Academic Affairs

Provost Steve O. Michael, Chief Academic Officer

As the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, I have the distinct honor of introducing our Academic Affairs’ vision to you:

Arcadia University’s vision is to become a preeminent top-ranked comprehensive, entrepreneurial, globally engaged, and globally present university. Arcadia University will be recognized for its high quality teaching; acknowledged for its vibrant living and learning supportive community; acclaimed for its student-centeredness; and valued for making a difference in the lives of its graduates. Arcadia University aspires to be a community of diverse scholars and learners who are actively challenging and inspiring each other to embrace and celebrate humanity in all its richness and diversity and a community that is engaged in knowledge generation and societal transformation. 

For several years, U.S. News & World Report has identified Arcadia University as an Up and Coming institution. Even more powerful is what we believe and know of ourselves—that Arcadia is a fast-transforming institution, one that is keenly aware of the growing importance of higher education to a rapidly changing world, the increasing need to prepare our students for global leadership, and our relentless pursuit of excellence in all aspects of the University. In an increasingly shrinking and competitive global society, Arcadia positions itself as an ambitious, acadepreneurial institution that is innovative in its educational programming. Arcadia has a compulsion for transformation even as it cherishes its more than 155 years of rich traditions.

My role as the Chief Academic Officer is to seek, organize, and direct campus resources and energy toward the Academic Affairs’ vision—a vision that compels us to embrace a particular set of institutional values, seek a particular type of students, and celebrate a particular type of faculty and staff. At Arcadia, we are guided by and demonstrate in all we do values such as:

Excellence in Teaching and Lifelong learning

  • Student Centeredness
  • Local and Global Engagement
  • Research and Creative Scholarship
  • Intellectual Freedom
  • Quality of Educational Experience
  • Inclusion and Diversity
  • Community

Given these institutional values, we strive to be a magnet for students who are open-minded, curious with critical mindset; who are active, passionate, and engaged learners; who seek to become global scholars and leaders; who are, as pre-professionals, focused on career development or further graduate studies; who desire to embrace human diversity in all its richness and complexity; and who seek to apply themselves to opportunities presented by local or global challenges. We are aware that students who exhibit these traits require and demand a particular type of educational experience best provided by a particular type of faculty and staff.

Therefore, we are intentional in seeking and promoting certain faculty and staff attributes. We pride ourselves in faculty and staff who are consummate teachers, public intellectuals, active researchers, academic entrepreneurs or acadepreneurs, global educators, great university citizens, and who demonstrate love for student growth, passion for faculty-student collaborative works and mentoring, and fervor for human diversity with the challenges and benefits thereof. We celebrate faculty and staff who live the Arcadia Promise of global perspective, integrative learning, and personal attention. Arcadia University is an exciting, supportive, and inclusive academic community that strives to make the whole world the dynamic and living classroom for all its students.

On behalf of the President, I invite you to come and experience the Arcadia spirit and welcome your unique contributions in building a GREAT UNIVERSITY.

Dr. Steve O. Michael,
Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
Professor of Higher Education Management

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