First-Year Study Abroad Experience
in Stirling, Scotland

Jin Zhao '12 Stirling Scotland

Arcadia students experience campus life at the University of Stirling, located just outside the city of Stirling, Scotland. Students take a full course load at the university, are housed in on-campus residence halls with other first-year Scottish and international students, and are fully integrated in university activities and campus life. Co-curricular explorations include a fall adventure weekend with all FYSAE students.

Dates for Fall 2013 Semester

Aug. 26 Depart from U.S.
Aug. 27 Arrival in London
Aug. 27 - Sept. 2 Arcadia Orientation
Sept. 2 Depart for Scotland
Sept. 2 - 4 Arcadia Orientation in Edinburgh
Sept. 4 - 7 Homestay Experience
Sept. 7 - 8 University of Stirling Orientation
Sept. 11 Semester begins
Nov. 1-3 Arcadia Weekend Excursion
Dec. 16 Semester ends
Dec. 17 Program concludes

Dates for Spring 2014 Semester

Feb. 3 Depart from U.S.
Feb. 4 Arrival in Edinburgh
Feb. 4-6 Arcadia Scotland Orientation
Feb. 6-8 Homestay Experience
Feb. 9 University of Stirling Orientation
Feb. 10 Semester begins
Mar. 24-28 Semester Break
May 30 Classes end
May 31 Program Concludes/Return Flight to U.S.

Course Information

Most Arcadia first-year students will take courses that fulfill Undergraduate Curriculum requirements for their degree. These include courses in the arts, humanities and social sciences.

This program is fully integrated at the University of Stirling. Arcadia University staff members based in Edinburgh and London are in regular contact with all students to monitor academic progress, facilitate cultural adjustment and assure an ongoing personal connection to Arcadia University. 

Students are housed in on-campus residence halls at the University of Stirling. They live with Scottish and other international undergraduate students. Meals are self-catered.

More Information

For more information about this program, please contact the Office of Enrollment Management at toll-free 1-877-ARCADIA (1-877-272-2342). 

Questions about courses can be addressed to Arcadia's College of Global Studies at 1-866-9ARCADIA (1-866-927-2234).

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