Pathways to Study Abroad

Arcadia University prepares students for life in a rapidly changing global society. So begins our mission statement and it is a charge we take seriously. In order to be global citizens, our students must be able to understand and work with a multitude of different ways of thinking and of making sense of the world. They must learn to understand and appreciate diversity both at home in the U.S. and abroad. There are many ways of accomplishing these goals. However, we believe that spending time and studying in another part of the world is an essential component of a global undergraduate education.

At Arcadia, we are fortunate to have The College of Global Studies—a leader in sending students to study abroad. With more than 140 programs in countries around the world, the College can provide Arcadia students with a program to meet their needs, to supplement the curriculum they are pursuing on our Glenside campus. While many institutions claim that the world is their campus, the presence of the College means that this is a reality at Arcadia. Working with the Associate Dean of International Affairs and their academic advisor, students can develop programs of study abroad that will complement and enhance the work they are doing in Glenside.

In order to facilitate this process, majors contain examples of programs of study that a student might pursue while studying abroad. While our goal is eventually to have pathways for every major on campus. Each and every student’s program of study abroad will be unique and it is imperative that he/she develop the best possible program by meeting with an academic advisor and the Associate Dean of International Affairs.

For Parents

Study abroad has become an important educational component at Arcadia because it is also an exceptional way for students to get to know themselves–learning to live independently in new environments, using new communication skills, and spending time on introspection.

Arcadia's experience with study abroad means an easy learning curve for families, including the following key points:

  • Tuition and housing are the same as a semester on the Glenside campus.
  • Financial aid and scholarships apply (except work study and RA stipends).
  • Your student can still graduate on time.
  • Your student will learn about life and culture in another country and gain invaluable experience for his or her career.

International Affairs

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Arcadia's College of Global Studies

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