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About Registration

Please follow the registration procedures below and bring completed registration materials to the Office of the Registrar. Priority Registration for Fall 2014 will be held 8:30 a.m. - 7 p.m. (Monday through Thursday) and 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. (Friday) during March 31 - April 11, 2014  (Summer 2014 registration is currently open, and will remain available until each summer session begins). Students taking evening courses may register during all available hours of registration. Open registration continues until classes begin.

Students with financial, library or health record holds will NOT be permitted to register until approval has been given by the appropriate office. Students on a grade hold may register, and access to grades is available on SelfService. Students are advised to clear all holds prior to the registration dates.

Priority Registration 

Day program students will register in accordance with the total number of credits completed PRIOR TO the current (Spring 2014) semester. (Students may register on the stated day or any date thereafter during the March 31 - April 11 dates.) The total number of completed credits (including transfer credit) is found by logging into Self-Service and reviewing the online transcript to locate the "total credits" amount for the last graded semester. (Scroll to the bottom to locate the last graded semester; total credits appear in the "total credits" column on the "overall" line.) Questions regarding the accuracy of the total should be raised prior to registration. In addition, students in the Pre-Nursing and Honors Programs, along with 3-Year degree students, may register on the first day of Priority Registration regardless of the number of completed credits by submitting a completed registration form.

Date  Completed Credits  Date  Completed Credits 
Monday, March 31 93+ *  Monday, April 7 17+
Tuesday, April 1 57+ *  Tuesday, April 8 16+
Wednesday, April 2 46+ Wednesday, April 9 12+ 
Thursday, April 3 38+ Thursday, April 10 2+ ** 
Friday, April 4 24+ Friday, April 11 0+ ** 

* Upper class students may register online through Self-Service: Seniors as of March 31 - April 1 and juniors as of April 1 according to the total completed credits as noted above.  Continued for this priority registration period, and intended to facilitate communication between students and their academic advisers as well as streamline the online registration process, academic advisers receive an email when their advisee registers online, and are asked to review requested courses for appropriateness. Only courses approved by the adviser become part of the schedule. The adviser's electronic approval or written approval on a registration form is required to complete registration, but during online registration a seat in requested classes is reserved until final approval or disapproval is determined. If a registration form is submitted in person to the Registrar's Office because registration was not completed online, an adviser's signature is always required. A student assumes all responsibility pertaining to course registration and degree completion. Students experiencing any difficulty may come to the Registrar's Office to complete registration according to the dates stated above

** First-year day program students (with less than 12 completed credits) will submit registration forms with their preferred courses and time selections. The large number of sections for many of the first year courses make it necessary to collect course selection forms and to complete registration administratively to guarantee appropriate schedules for all students. An attempt will be made to retain as many of the requested sections as possible. Fall semester course schedules will be finalized for first-year day program students by April 25, 2014. Schedules that appear on Self-Service prior to April 25 are subject to change. Please include one or two alternate course selections to help the scheduling process.

Registration Procedures

1. Make an appointment with your adviser to discuss appropriate course selection including review of prerequisites and university requirements. Full-time students who are uncertain of adviser assignment may contact Bruce Keller (215-572-2922); part-time students may contact Jaime Miller (215-517-2539).

2. Complete the Information/Registration Form and obtain adviser's approval prior to registration. In listing course selections, please follow the format used on the printed schedule of classes. Copy the course code exactly, including the specific section number of a given lecture or lab (e.g. BI101.3, BI101L.2). The code identifies the course in the computer.

Important Notes

  • Day program full-time students are encouraged to identify alternative courses in the event one or more of the desired courses have reached maximum capacity.
  • Full-time students for the Fall normally register for 15 or 16 credits; however, full-time enrollment is defined as 12 to 20 credits. Registration for 19 or 20 credits requires a cum GPA of 3.0 or higher or approval (by petition to the Office of Undergraduate Studies for course overload). Note: 20 credits is the maximum credit load permitted.
  • Part-time students (carrying up to 11 credits if matriculated or limited to two courses, 6-8 credits if non-matriculated) may register during the day or up until 7 p.m. Monday through Thursday. Tuition bills will be available from the Business Office (215-572-2981) through the eBill interface (www.arcadia.edu/ebill).
  • Preference for FA courses will be given to art majors. Non-art majors must obtain FA department approval to register. (Approval will be granted on the basis of completion of appropriate prerequisites and on space availability.)
  • Students who schedule an independent study must request the appropriate form from the Office of the Registrar. The completed form with the required signatures must be included with the registration materials.
  • Students who desire pass-fail grading for a course should request the appropriate form at registration. The pass-fail option is not available to first-year students and is an option for elective courses only (one course per semester or one course for every 15 credits completed to a maximum of six courses). The instructor is not informed of this choice. Pass-fail selection may also be made during March 31, 2014 - September 16, 2014. Pass-fail requests may be withdrawn on or before October 21, 2014 at the option of the student.
  • Course changes after registration may be made during March 31, 2014 - September 9, 2014 (changes to Summer courses must be made before the class begins). Drop/Add forms for this purpose may be obtained in the Office of the Registrar and online. Students may withdraw from a traditional length class (with a grade of W) between September 10 - October 21, 2014 with the approval of the adviser and instructor (using Drop/Add form). After October 21, withdrawal from class requires approvals as above and from the Dean of the College or School (by petition) and the student is graded WP or WF. Withdrawal is not permitted during the last four weeks of the semester, November 19 - December 16, 2014. 
  • Course inactivity, non-attendance, or failure to make or complete payment does not constitute a course drop or withdrawal. Students remain financially responsible for a course registration unless the student notifies the Registrar's Office in writing to drop or withdraw from the course. Fees are assessed according to the current refund policy. Neglecting to drop or withdraw officially will result in a failing grade on the transcript.  

Notes regarding non-traditional courses:

Students in 7-week classes may drop prior to the start of class. Once class begins, students may withdraw (not drop) and/or add classes during the first week of class. Withdrawal with a grade of W may occur as late as the fourth week of class, and withdrawal with a grade of WP or WF may occur as late as the fifth week of class. Students may not withdraw after the fifth class week.   

Students in 1-week intensive classes and institute courses may only drop or add prior to the start of the course.

  • To participate in courses requiring fieldwork in elementary and secondary schools, original and updated PA and FBI clearances must be presented on the first day of class. Go to the Education Department website (www.arcadia.edu/edudept) for guidelines and procedures. Courses that require these clearances include, but are not limited to ED110A, ED110B, ED120, ED120L, ED211, ED212, ED214, ED216, ED217, ED218, ED220, ED220L, ED221, ED221L, ED313, ED315, ED319, ED320L, ED322, ED324, ED330L, ED375, ED411, ED412A, ED412D, ED416, ED417, ED419, ED423, ED443, ED470, ED471, ED474, ED478, ED501, ED502, ED503, ED505, ED513, ED520A, ED520B, ED521, ED523, ED526A, ED552, ED553, ED556, ED562A, ED562B, ED579, ED580, ED582, ED583A, ED583B, ED584, ED585, ED590, ED591, ED592, ED595, ED597, ED606, ED607 and ED622.
  • Registration for full (closed) courses is not currently enabled in Self-Service. Students using Self-Service are advised to register for all open courses and save their schedule. A separate email should then be sent to registrar@arcadia.edu indicating the semester, course and section of the desired full (closed) course. The Registrar's Office will add students to the waitlist queue.
  • Students who are not eligible to use Self-Service, and have off-campus obligations during their earliest registration day are encouraged to complete a paper registration form with their adviser and bring it to the Registrar's Office prior to leaving campus. The Registrar's Office will process the registration during the correct day and notify the student of the results.
  • Students with disabilities who require accommodations should contact Disabilities Support Services.

How to Register

  • New Undergraduate Student Registration Process

    Visiting, Non-Degree Seeking Undergraduate Students: If you are new to Arcadia and wish to take undergraduate courses as a visiting, non-matriculated student, please contact Jaime Miller in Undergraduate Studies at 215-517-2539 or e-mail millerj@arcadia.edu for advising and registration.

    Part-time Degree Seeking Undergraduate Students: If you have been formally accepted to Arcadia and have deposited, you will be contacted by an Undergraduate Academic Adviser to set up an advising and orientation meeting. If you have not yet applied, or have any questions about admission, please contact David Wood at 215-572-2836 or e-mail woodd@arcadia.edu for advising and registration.

  • Current Student Registration Form: Students who register for class in person will use this registration form and should read the instructions above for Undergraduate or Graduate students.

  • Self-Service Online Registration Instructions: Current graduate students and undergraduate juniors and seniors are eligible to use Self-Service
    Please note: Registration for students eligible to use Self-Service begins at the start of Priority Registration and continues until about a week before classes begin. Students assume all responsibility pertaining to course registration and degree completion. 

Tuition/Credit Costs

  • Students should verify tuition and fees by visiting the financial aid page reporting the current cost of attendance.


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