M.F.A. in Creative Writing
Degree Requirements

(A minimum of 39 credits)

Sample Course Sequence Scenario for a Student in the Low-Residency M.F.A. in Creative Writing

Residency One, Aug. 12-17, 2013—at Arcadia University
Fall Semester 2013: Workshop 1; Practicum 1
Spring Semester 2014: Workshop 2; Practicum 2
Summer Semester 2014: Traditional Literature Course; Craft Course
Residency Two, July 2014—Abroad
Fall Semester 2014: Workshop 3; Practicum 3
Residency Three, Jan. 12-17, 2015—Arcadia University
Spring Semester 2015: Workshop 4; Practicum 4: Thesis Preparation. Thesis turned in at the close of the Spring Semester, 2015.


(9 credits)

  • EN 550 Residency 1
  • EN 551 Residency 2: Abroad in Edinburgh
  • EN 552 Residency 3


(12 credits)

  • EN 555A Workshop 1 (fiction) or EN 555B (poetry)
  • EN 556A Workshop 2 (fiction) or EN 556B (poetry)
  • EN 557A Workshop 3 (fiction) or EN 557B (poetry)
  • EN 558A Workshop 4 (fiction) or EN 558B (poetry)


(12 Credits)

  • EN 560 Practicum 1
  • EN 561 Practicum 2
  • EN 562 Practicum 3
  • EN 563 Practicum 4: Thesis Preparation

Literature Courses

(6 Credits)

  • EN 553 Craft of Contemporary Fiction or EN 554 Craft of Contemporary Poetry
  • Plus any other graduate literature offering from Arcadia

Students must complete all of the above requirements before being awarded a degree. It is important that students make all possible efforts to complete the classes in order, so as to maintain a community within the program. If a student must take a leave of absence, it is best that he or she take a full year of absence so that it is easiest to rejoin the program at a natural point. Extenuating circumstances will be evaluated at the faculty’s discretion.


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