Minimum Requirements for Assured Admission to the Doctor of Physical Therapy Program - Arcadia Undergraduates

Requirements for Students Who Enter Arcadia University as First-Year Students

These requirements apply to students who begin their undergraduate education at Arcadia University as first-year students.

  1. Students are encouraged to complete all of the prerequisite coursework at Arcadia University. Prerequisite courses must be taken through the appropriate department; e.g., Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Psychology.
    • Four courses in Biology, including BI 206 Human Physiology
    • Modern Chemical Concepts I & II with lab (CH 101 & 102 or 111 & 112)
    • Physics I and II with lab (PH 201 & 202 or 211 & 212)
    • One course in Psychology and one course from the following: Anthropology, Psychology, or Sociology
    • One course in Statistics
  2. In consultation with the student’s undergraduate advisor, up to four (4) courses taken through another accredited institution may be counted as fulfillment of the required prerequisite courses. Courses must be directed towards science majors as appropriate.
  3. A minimum 3.2 overall GPA is required, calculated on all courses taken at any college or university.
  4. A minimum 3.2 GPA is required in all courses taken in prerequisite areas at Arcadia and elsewhere. A grade of “C” or better must be earned in the minimum prerequisite courses listed above. (A “C–” is unacceptable for prerequisite credit.) When calculating the prerequisite GPA, the University includes all courses in the various areas. Courses taken in prerequisite areas that were graded on a pass/fail basis will not be calculated into the prerequisite GPA.
  5. The Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is required for admission to the D.P.T. program. Students are strongly encouraged to take the exam after their first year of undergraduate study and no later than the summer preceding their fourth undergraduate year. Applicants must meet the minimum required scores in all areas of the GRE: (1) Verbal Reasoning ≥ 150, (2) Combined Verbal and Quantitative Reasoning ≥ 300, (3) Analytical Writing ≥4. NOTE: the GRE code for the D.P.T. program is 7637.
  6. Students must have knowledge of the profession through documented work or volunteer experiences in at least one inpatient and one outpatient setting as defined by PTCAS.
  7. Students must provide three letters of recommendation, at least one from a currently practicing physical therapist and one from a college professor who is able to judge the applicant’s academic qualification and readiness for rigorous work at the graduate level.
  8. Students must complete the last four semesters as full-time students at Arcadia University. This requirement may be waived for students who choose to study abroad during one of their last four semesters.
  9. Students must earn a bachelor’s degree from Arcadia University.
  10. Students desiring assured admission must submit their completed applications electronically to PTCAS by November 1 of the academic year of graduation from Arcadia University.

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