Doctor of Physical Therapy (D.P.T.) Program

Attend a PT Admission Information Session on Oct. 14. or Nov. 25.

Jamie Tomlinson and students

The entry-level Doctor of Physical Therapy curriculum is designed to create practitioners as specified in the American Physical Therapy Association Vision Statement for Physical Therapy 2020:

Physical therapy, by 2020, will be provided by physical therapists who are doctors of physical therapy and who may be board-certified specialists. Consumers will have direct access to physical therapists in all environments for patient/client management, prevention, and wellness services. Physical therapists will be practitioners of choice in clients’ health networks and will hold all privileges of autonomous practice. Physical therapists may be assisted by physical therapist assistants who are educated and licensed to provide physical therapist-directed and supervised components of interventions.

Guided by integrity, life-long learning, and a commitment to comprehensive and accessible health programs for all people, physical therapists and physical therapist assistants will render evidence-based service throughout the continuum of care and improve quality of life for society. They will provide culturally sensitive care distinguished by trust, respect, and an appreciation for individual differences.

While fully availing themselves of new technologies, as well as basic and clinical research, physical therapists will continue to provide direct patient/client care. They will maintain active responsibility for the growth of the physical therapy profession and the health of the people it serves.

Arcadia’s entry-level program runs over a three-year period. The D.P.T. program is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education. All graduates of Arcadia’s program to date have passed the licensure examination in their state of choice.

International study opportunitiesArcadia University is recognized as a leader in global education and provides interested students with international opportunities to study. Arcadia believes that to understand the world, students should experience it—and that can mean leaving the campus for a time. Whether it is for clinical education in England or California or a service trip to Jamaica, Arcadia's D.P.T. students have several opportunities to experience the world as medical professionals.
Physical therapy is a healthcare profession whose practitioners evaluate, treat and instruct individuals in order to prevent or overcome the effects of disease or injury. Physical therapists work in a variety of settings, including acute care hospitals, rehabilitation hospitals, outpatient centers, individual homes, skilled nursing facilities and the public school system. Patients of all ages, from newborn to elderly, may be encountered. Physical therapists also work as educators, researchers and consultants. Physical therapy is an integral part of today’s changing healthcare system. Practitioners serve in a range of capacities—they may be a patient’s entry point into the healthcare system as they conduct appropriate screening and examination techniques and make professional assessments. Clinical practice is based on theory and/or evidence.

Physical therapy is a profession that offers a lifetime of satisfaction in helping people to function more effectively. Each patient presents a new challenge, and the constantly changing clinical situations provide for a stimulating and exciting career.

Marty Eastlack
Dr. Eastlack and student

In Arcadia's innovative patient-centered curriculum, students learn to integrate and apply clinical, behavioral and basic science knowledge. This nurtures the critical thinking necessary for excellence in physical therapy practice. Time spent in lectures and labs is structured to give students the opportunity to absorb the full depth of information and to focus on related projects. Arcadia's program offers a wealth of international experiences and research opportunities for those interested in expanding their horizons.
Marty Eastlack, PT, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Physical Therapy and Director of Admissions for the Entry-level Doctor of Physical Therapy program,

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