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This major, Spanish Cultural Studies, requires one academic year or two semesters of residence in Spain, where students will take courses exclusively related to Spain in institutions that are part of Arcadia’s College of Global Studies.

This major requires 44 credits, but 24 credits must be devoted exclusively to Spain-related study areas.

The courses to be taken by a student as part of the major must cover at least four different areas from the following: Culture, Art History, History, Politics, Geography, Literature, Cinema, Music, and Economy.

The 24 credits do not include language, conversation, and composition courses, areas in which the student should be proficient before entering the new major and/or traveling abroad.

The Capstone or senior thesis must be focused or centered on themes or issues relating to Spain.

The courses taken in Glenside in Spain-related areas, such as literature, cinema, and culture and civilization, will count toward the major. It is highly advisable that a student entering the major takes SP 205 Introduction to Spanish Culture before departing, in order to have a country background before entering the major.

Requirements for the Bachelor of Arts in Spanish Cultural Studies

The ideal sequence of studies will be as follows:

Freshman and/or Sophomore Years in Glenside

Completion of the following courses before departing:

  • SP 202 Intermediate Spanish Language and Culture (4 credits)
  • SP 233 Spanish Conversation and Composition I (4 credits)
  • SP 203 or SP 204 Spanish Conversation I or II (4 credits)
  • SP 205 Introduction to Spanish Culture (4 credits) [highly advisable]

Junior Year: Student in Spain

Students have the possibility of studying at three places: Toledo, Granada, and Barcelona. For more information, visit

Senior Year

Student on Glenside campus in order to complete:

  • SP 490 Senior Thesis I (4 credits Fall)
  • SP 491 Senior Thesis II (2 credits Spring)



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