Study Abroad Opportunities for
Global Legal Studies Majors

This Majors Abroad Program (MAP) requires at least two semesters of study abroad, usually in the junior year, at one location where law is offered as an undergraduate major, and Arcadia students can take at least two law school classes and other appropriate electives, as approved by the student’s adviser. A distinctive and challenging international experience is attractive to law school admissions committees.

Students who are unable to study abroad for two semesters should realize that fact during their junior year and be able to graduate the following year with a Political Science major.

Suggested Study Abroad Locations

London School of Economics and Political Science, England. London School of Economics is a world-renowned program offering full-year courses with final exams at the end of the academic year. To be accepted and do well here will be difficult, but those who succeed can expect to excel in law school. The minimum requirement for admission to study abroad at London School of Economics is junior status and a 3.3 GPA. The first-year law courses are: English Legal Institutions, Law of Obligations, Property I, Public Law, Criminal Lawand Introduction to the Legal System

Queen Mary College, University of London, England. One of the few, real campuses of the University of London and located in the East End, a working-class, eclectic and truly multicultural area of London, Queen Mary provides instant proximity to London's thriving street markets, alternative art galleries (more artists per square foot than anywhere else in London), ethnic eateries and buzzing pubs and clubs. The rich slice of life that is this community is combined with Queen Mary College's excellent academic credentials. First-year law courses are available in a separate law department. Sophomores will be considered, if they have a 3.0 GPA.

University of Essex, England. One of the premier U.K. universities in the social sciences, Essex combines research excellence and a reputation for teaching quality with a lively and dynamic faculty who are excited about their subjects and who specialize in working in small group settings. The advantages of the University of Essex are its strengths in art history, economics and political science. Essex will accept sophomores for study abroad and also has taken students with a GPA of 2.7. The first-year law courses are: Contracts, Land Law, Constitutional Lawand Criminal Law

University of Aberdeen, Scotland. One of Scotland's premier teaching and research institutions that is a little off the beaten track geographically speaking, the University of Aberdeen offers an institution of academic excellence that enables students to study and live in an environment that feels intimate, relaxed, friendly and truly Scottish. The first-year law courses are: Criminal Law, Public International Law, Foundations of Public Law, Foundations of Private Law, Contract Law and Civil Liberties and Human Rights

University of Glasgow, Scotland. This institution consistently ranks among the top U.K. universities. With its impressive stone buildings and green campus setting in the posh West End of Glasgow, this leading university offers a world-class academic program in a city that is trendy, vibrant and energetic. The first-year law courses are: Business Law I, Criminal Law and Evidence, Principles of Private Law, Public International Law, Roman Law of Property and Obligations and Sources and Institutions of Scots Law

University of Limerick, Ireland. The University of Limerick is a relatively new university (1972) built with the American university model in mind. Therefore, the academic calendar is close to that of a typical North American university. Cultural opportunities for students abound both on campus and in the city. The first-year law courses are: Commercial Law, Contract Law, Criminal Law, Labour Law and Land Law

Queens University in Belfast, Ireland. With the peace process well under way, the commercial benefits are to be seen in all the new and renovated buildings. Belfast's history and its manageable size make the city itself into a laboratory for academic and experiential learning. Top-quality teaching and research, an active campus environment, and opportunities to fully integrate into student life are just a few of the qualities that students will like about Queen's. The first-year law courses are: Introduction to Law, Basic Contract Law, Introduction to Jurisprudence, Contract Law, Introduction to Property Law, Constitutional Law and History and Foundations of European Community Law

Australia National University, Australia. Studying in the middle of a capital city like Canberra is a special experience. The politics, international environment, and countless resources provide many opportunities to delve below the surface of the country's culture. The first-year law courses are: Foundations of Australian Law, Lawyers Justice and Ethics, Torts, Contracts, Australian Public Law, Criminal Law and Procedure

University of Wollongong, Australia. A campus nestled at the base of Mt. Keira in a beautiful lush-green setting is one of the qualities of the University of Wollongong that attracts so many students. Combine that with challenging academics (GPA 3.0 required), a strong focus on student services, and an easy commuter train journey into Sydney, and the University of Wollongong is a popular study abroad destination. The first-year law courses are: Foundations of Law A and B, Legal Research and Writing, Law of Contract A and B, Criminal Law and Process A and B, Communication Skills, Advocacy Skills, Lawyers and Australian Society

Bond University, Australia. Bond is Australia's first and only fully private, not-for-profit university. Its flexible curriculum, international student body, and modern facilities make it a very popular destination for study abroad. The first-year law courses are: Contemporary Issues in Law and Society, Business Law, Law of Commercial Entities, Introduction to Cross-Border Business Law, Australian Legal System, Legal Skills, Legal Reasoning

Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand. Victoria excels in political science, women's studies, film/theatre, creative writing and earth sciences. The students are interested in political affairs, and the city is the cultural heart of New Zealand. A 2.7 GPA is acceptable for international students to attend and first-year law courses are available to study abroad students.


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