Arcadia University Mentor Program Guidelines


The Arcadia University Mentor Program will facilitate a developmental relationship between alumni and current students. Participating alumni will offer professional expertise and diverse workforce perspectives to current students looking to develop professional competencies.


This document provides guidelines for Arcadia University sanctioned mentor/mentee partnerships. The established principles outline the mentorship process and expectations. The University supports the relationship between the mentor and mentee for the duration of the formalized process. All communication that exceeds the pre-established guidelines for the program is under the sole direction of the individuals involved, independent of Arcadia University.

Responsibilities of a Mentor

Mentors are willing to accept the commitment of time and energy to provide support for a current Arcadia University student. A clear understanding of the mentoring process will contribute to its success. As participants in the program, mentors will maintain support and open communication with the mentee. The mentor and mentee will determine the time commitment and the mode of communication (e.g. in-person, phone, email, etc.) appropriate to best serve the needs of that student. Mentors will:

  • Initiate contact with the mentee and communicate three times per semester. A face-to-face meeting is "highly desired and recommended" because it provides the maximum benefit to both parties, but is not absolutely required. Mentors and mentees are encouraged to discuss the issue specifically and work out a mutually agreeable and productive plan for engaging one another.
  • Maintain confidentiality within the professional relationship and be an active listener.
  • Help the mentee identify their academic and professional goals. Give constructive feedback that can allow the mentee to grow personally and professionally.
  • Assist mentee in identifying how to access resources that will allow them to build a professional network.
  • Promote skill development by providing their “workplace perspective” based on the mentees established goals and objectives.
  • Encourage independence, an appreciation for differences, and reflect a positive attitude throughout the process.

Responsibilities of a Mentee

Having a supportive mentoring relationship is beneficial as a student navigates the overall academic experience, career exploration, and decision-making process. A mentor is a support and a professional resource, but should not be used for counseling and/or specific advising purposes. To gain the most out of the relationship, the mentee must be receptive to what the mentor is sharing. Mentees will:

  • Assume personal responsibility for their academic and professional growth.
  • Listen and consider different perspectives and paths toward their goals.
  • Be open and committed to the mentoring process, and ask meaningful questions about their mentor’s career path and decision-making.
  • Accept feedback and learn from it, and implement new knowledge into their academic and professional habits.
  • Have realistic expectations of the mentoring relationship, understanding that networking does not always end with a job offer.
  • Arrange opportunities to be in contact with their mentor based on priorities that make both the mentor and mentee comfortable.

Mentor-Mentee Matching

The Office of Career Education, in partnership with Alumni Relations, cannot guarantee exactmajor-to-career path matches” between alumni mentors and student mentees. While the Mentor Program Committee will consider commonalities in academic majors and career aspirations as one factor in the matching process, strong mentoring relationships will primarily be established based on the ability for the pair to identify shared collegial experiences as well as academic,professional, and personal interests. The Mentor Program Committee will remain accessible throughout the duration of the formal mentorship to answer any mentor/mentee questions and to support the best matching decisions for all program participants.


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