Program Structure of the Six-Year Accelerated Pre-Law (3+3 program)

Students who want to pursue the accelerated B.A. in Political Science and J.D. in Law will complete all degree requirements in six years. A student will complete 128 hours toward the B.A. degree in Political Science and 38 hours toward the J.D. degree in Law at Drexel University.

In years one to three, students complete all Undergraduate Curriculum requirements as well as all of the requirements for the Political Science major, including the Senior Thesis and any study abroad. In year four, students begin coursework for Drexel University’s Law program. In years five and six, students complete their Law requirements, including study abroad, internship and thesis.

Undergraduate Curriculum and Major Requirements

Arcadia’s undergraduate program in Political Science enriches the multidisciplinary perspectives inherent in the field of law. Most Political Science majors in the accelerated program will choose the Pre-Law concentration. To complete this concentration, of the 44credits required by the Political Science major, 20 must be selected from approved pre-law offerings. The Pre-Law concentration offers preparation for paralegal positions and a foundation for the law program at Drexel University. All Political Science majors must take PS 101, 150, 201, 241, 245 or 330, 490 and 491. Additionally, Political Science majors must take four electives at least two of which must be at the 300 level. Political Science majors typically take two to six courses within the major that meet Undergraduate Curriculum. The following Undergraduate Curriculum requirements typically can be met within the Political Science major: Global Connections, Self and Society, Senior Capstone, and Research and Writing. Additionally, if students take a recommended Statistics class, they can meet a Quantitative Reasoning requirement. There is also the possibility that certain University Seminars will count toward the Political Science major. The additional undergraduate requirements must be taken outside the major.

Study Abroad Possibilities for the Pre-Law Drexel (3+3) Accelerated Program

Students in the accelerated program are urged to study abroad in the first three years for a year or a semester, or whatever time period works for them. Students in the program may study abroad any semester except for the fall of the third year due to the need to complete PS 490 Senior Thesis Seminar. Students should work with their advisers, who will ensure that they are on track to meet all the requirements for the accelerated program.


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