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Kate SprandioKate Sprandio (MFA ’13) is from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and received her BA in English from Chestnut Hill College. She has always loved making people laugh and attempts to do so in her writing. Her stories mostly focus on the foibles of young women, and she finds inspiration in her own life experiences and in those of her friends. When she’s not writing about awkward situations, you can find her creating real life ones, or hanging out with her poodle Nelly. Her short story “First Kiss” is featured in a collection of short stories entitled “Suddenly Lost In Words,” available here.

Mary CoyleMary E. Coyle (MFA ’13) writes, reads, and lives in suburban Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She earned an MFA in Creative Writing—Fiction from Arcadia University and a BA in Journalism and Spanish from Temple University. Her short story, "What We Know About Roots," appeared online at The Doctor T.J. Eckleburg Review.

Maddie WeinlandMaddie Weinland (MFA ’15) got her BA in English and History from Denison University before getting her MA in English from Arcadia. She is originally from Cleveland, Ohio and often sets her fiction in the midwest. When she's not writing, she works in the psychology department at The College of New Jersey. Her fiction has appeared in The Rampallian, Scholars and Rogues, and most recently, Whisperings Magazine.

Jeanette Perosa (MFA ’13) has had stories published in The Thorn Literary Journal, Perspectives Literary Journal, Adanna Literary Journal, Delta Woman Magazine, Eunoia Review, Winter Legends and has a short story upcoming in an anthology entitled The Way of the Woof: A Collection of Dog Stories. While not chasing her four children or teaching at Montgomery County Community College, she is writing fiction or traveling with her husband.

Daniel DiFrancoDaniel DiFranco (MFA ’14) lives in Philadelphia, and received his B.S. in English education from Temple University. He teaches high school music and English. His work has appeared in Crack The Spine and Fiction at Work. Wanderlust bit him at an early age and he learned the hard way there is no peanut butter in Europe.

KimberlyElyKimberly Ely (MFA ’14) is a writer and editor for a charter school in Chester County. She is also an adjunct professor for Eastern University. Most recently, her story "Steps and Missteps—In The Right Direction" was published in the anthology Slants of Light. She has previously been published in Cynic Magazine, Spirit Magazine, and Defenstration Moderator. She resides in Downingtown, Pa., with her husband.

Zach WoodardZachary Woodard (MFA ’13) lives outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He typically writes fantasy, horror and weird tales, and has a fascination with tabletop games and game design. He often rants about writing, games, and cartoons on his Twitter (@Shark_Bull). His story, "Omega," recently appeared in Intellectual Refuge.

Christopher-DiCiccoChristopher David DiCicco (MFA ’13) loves his wife and children, and sometimes, writing short stories, which he does in the attic of his Canal Street home, in ever-happening Yardley, Pa. He is a friend to words and small animals, and doesn't mind that he teaches high school English or advises a small student-run literary magazine. It's just what he does. He has appeared in Nib Magazine's Flash Friday feature. His story "Going To Kill a Buffalo" was featured in Intellectual Refuge.

KochRosemarie Koch (MFA ’13) wrote a puppet play in kindergarten for characters who looked like extras from Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood of Make Believe, and has been in love with words ever since. A 1991 graduate of Arcadia University with a BA in English and Spanish, Rose spent her junior year at Lancaster University in England, taking a short train journey regularly to Wordsworth’s Dove Cottage. While visiting this Lake District literary haunt, she noted the wisdom of a private exit from the house as a means of gathering poetic inspiration. Currently, Rose works in The College of Global Studies at Arcadia University. Her writing has appeared in Rabbit Hill Studio, Stirring and in other publications. Rose’s poem "Elevation Burger" appears in the February 2013 issue of Snakeskin. In March 2013, "Three Bonsais" appeared in Snakeskin.

Elise BrandElise Brand (MFA ’14) is an English teacher from Lansdale, Pennsylvania; she lives there with her husband, a history professor. She earned her MLA from the University of Pennsylvania in 2001, and is also a fellow of the Pennsylvania Writing and Literature Project. Elise has been recently nominated by the Montgomery County Poet Laureate Program as their current “Featured Teacher,” acknowledged for her work in bringing published poets into the classroom to work with students.

Some of her work has recently been published in The Broadkill Review, The North Penn Reporter, and most recently in Mouse Tales Press which published her poem “A Spoken Poem by Tonicus Balonicus.”

DaulerioFrancis Daulerio (MFA ’14) is an English teacher at Downingtown West High School. He finds inspiration in family, friends, nature, and the unpredictability of daily life. Francis currently lives in Blue Bell, Pennsylvania with his loving wife, Leah. His poem In Filtered Sunlight was featured in Escarp, an online literary journal, in November of 2012. His poem Cognitive Dissonance was published in A Clean, Well-Lighted Place in January 2013.

Matthew Kabik (MFA ’13) lives in Lancaster, Pennsylvania and uses the people and places around the region as a backdrop for his stories. He lives with a patient wife and too many typewriters. Matthew hopes to continue his efforts after the MFA by entering academia and supporting the expansion of creative writing programs in Pennsylvania. His story “How To Become A Perfect Living Statue” appeared in Five Quartery in October of 2012.  "When the Ground Shakes Above You," another story by Kabik, appeared in the Apeiron Review. In early 2013, his short story "How to Identify and Prevent Ghosts" appeared in Nib Magazine.

Liz KerrLiz Kerr’s (MFA ’13) short story "Catching Out" was runner-up in the 2012 City Paper Writing contest, and published in April of that year. In 2013, Kerr won the City Paper fiction writing contest. Another short story was published in the collection Philly Fiction 2. Her screenplay "Paint by Numbers" won Honorable Mention at the 2010 Amsterdam Film Festival and was a semi-finalist in the 2009 International Film Festival Ireland. Her screenplay "Redcoats" was a finalist in the 2010 Philly Pitch/Philadelphia Film Festival contest. She is a Registered Nurse on the Heart Transplant team at Temple University Hospital.

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