Cassie Paulk
Flemington, NJ

Degree & Major: B.A. History, Spanish
Memberships: JAM Promotions
Current Position: I am the Administrative Assistant to the President of the company. More than general office duties I am in charge of all of the hiring that takes place in our office. I got this job through their website and was hired within a week of applying.
Rewards & Challenges: When the first person that I contacted about one of our positions was promoted into a leadership position I was thrilled! That also happened when I was in Dallas for a national conference. I knew I really mattered to the company and it was the best feeling!
Best Advice Received: The best career advice that I received is to always keep your goals in mind, make them known to the people you work with and your family and friends so that they can help keep you accountable and on track so that you can meet those goals. Never settle for what you have now, always be reaching for more.
Necessary Skills: The skills that I use most in my position are organization, time management and the ability to multitask. If i was not able to do those things I would not be successful in my position.
My Passion: My professional passion is being able to hire people, give them jobs and see them succeed and reach their goals! It is the greatest feeling to see someone set a goal and reach it knowing I was able to help them reach that goal.
Education Preparation: Although my current position is not related to what I studied at Arcadia the skills that I learned at Arcadia and while studying abroad through Arcadia have helped me immensely in my current position.
Advice for Students: Go to class!!! And participate in the clubs, it will help with your organizational and time management skills.

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