International Study Opportunities

Arcadia University pioneered the clinical experience for students studying abroad. Rachel Ditoro, one of our clinical coordinators, was the first PA to practice clinically in the United Kingdom. To date, our students study or have studied in 21 different foreign countries that countries include: Bolivia, Canada, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Egypt, Germany, Guatemala, India, Italy, Mexico, Nicaragua, Peru, Senegal, Sweden, Gambia, Togo, the United Kingdom, Uganda and Zambia.

The program has international clinical opportunities available for those students who would like to train abroad.

Arcadia Students in Guatemala

Physician Assistant students travel annually with Arcadia Physical Therapy to Guatemala  to work with the organization Hearts in Motion, bringing care to people in makeshift clinics, churches and nutrition centers.

Guatemala Arcadia group Guatemala PA student exam 2 

Guatelmala PA student exam

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