Dual Degree Program in Public Health & Counseling Psychology Goals and Objectives

M.P.H. Goals and Objectives

The Master of Public Health degree educates community public health professionals to promote the health of individuals, families, communities, and the environment. This is accomplished through a program that integrates education, research, and practice in a global environment.

The goals of the Public Health program are to:

  • Educate community public health professionals and develop the skills needed to promote health within communities.
  • Provide an academic environment that integrates community public health education with research and practice.
  • Translate knowledge into practice through collaborative service projects both domestically and internationally.  This can be accomplished through internships with community-based organizations, clinics, and local health departments.
  • Employ scientific investigation to advance public health knowledge of the relationship between health and the structural environment within which individuals live and work.

M.A. Counseling Psychology Goals and Objectives

The Master in Counseling Psychology educates and socializes students to become practitioners skilled in the art of behavior assessment and change. This is accomplished through a program that integrates theory and practice (both within and outside of the classroom) from the beginning of the program.

The program is structured to develop professional level competence in:

  • Communication and listening
  • Critical and analytical thinking
  • Interpersonal and cultural sensitivity
  • Understanding self through introspection and realistic self-critique
  • Adhering to professional, ethical and legal standards and behaviors
  • Generating and testing hypotheses about human behavior
  • Understanding the theories and techniques of counseling and behavior change
  • Using counseling skills in individual and group settings
  • Integrating and applying assessment, diagnostic, consultation and educational strategies

Dual Degree Goals and Objectives

The goals of the dual degree program are as follows:

  • Arcadia students will have opportunities to learn about public health and counseling psychology principles from a global perspective. 
  • Arcadia students will have the opportunity to integrate their public health education with their clinical counseling psychology training through the use of community projects/internships that will enhance their clinical and community-based skills both within the United States and internationally, if desired.
  • The dual degrees will give students a greater understanding of the scope of public health issues surrounding individual patients and their relationships to their families and their larger communities.
  • The dual degrees will combine the advocacy agendas proposed by both the public health and counseling psychology field to most effectively address patients’ problems.

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