About the Engineering Program with Columbia University

  • Five-year option for two bachelor’s degrees
  • Six-year option for bachelor’s and master’s degrees
  • Opportunities to study abroad at some of the top universities around the world

Arcadia University offers a combined five-year (3+2) Engineering Program with Columbia University in New York. This plan blends a strong liberal arts, science and mathematics foundation with an intensive engineering curriculum. The program prepares students for careers in industry or graduate work in engineering, mathematics, or the physical sciences. The program qualifies students to take the examination for professional engineers.

Typically, students complete the first three years at Arcadia University in programs in Mathematics, Computer Science, Chemistry, or an individualized major in Applied Physics. Upon recommendation of the program adviser, students then transfer to Columbia University for two years of advanced engineering study. During the two years at Columbia University, students pay Columbia's tuition and can apply to receive financial aid through Columbia.  Arcadia financial aid does not apply to the Columbia portion of the program.

Upon completion of the five-year program, students are awarded the Bachelor of Arts degree from Arcadia University and the Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering or Applied Science from Columbia University.

Under the combined plan, a student may elect to pursue any one of the following programs at Columbia University:

  • Applied Mathematics
  • Applied Physics
  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Computer Engineering
  • Computer Science
  • Earth and Environmental Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Engineering Mechanics
  • Engineering and Management Systems
  • Industrial Engineering and Operations Research
  • Materials Science and Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering

Master’s degree option: It is also possible for students to complete a four-year bachelor’s degree program at Arcadia University and then take two additional years at Columbia University for a Master’s Degree in Engineering.


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