Minor in Creative Writing

The minor in Creative Writing gives students an opportunity to develop their poetry and/or fiction writing skills and to engage in peer critique of their work.

A minimum of five courses (20 credits) in various kinds of creative writing. At least two of the courses must be at the 300 level.

1. Two courses in writing

  • EN 211 Creative Non-Fiction Workshop
  • EN 240 Intermediate Fiction Writing Workshop
  • EN 241 Intermediate Poetry Writing Workshop
  • EN 272 Poetry for Page and Stage

2. Choose any three of the following:

  • EN 314 Writing for Magazines
  • EN 343 Writing for Children
  • EN 368 Tell It Slant: Memoir Writing Workshop
  • EN 372 Special Studies in Writing
  • EN 375 Fiction Writing Workshop
  • EN 378 Poetry Writing Workshop
  • TH 350 Playwriting

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