Forensic Science Faculty


  • Karen Scott, Ph.D., Associate Professor and Director of the Forensic Science Program
  • Heather Mazzanti, M.S.F.S., Assistant Professor and Interim Director of Forensic Science
  • Sheryl Smith, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Biology

Clinical Faculty

  • Barry Logan, Ph.D, ABFT, National Forensic Science Director of NMS Labs and Executive Director of the Fredric Rieders Family Renaissance Foundation

Adjunct Faculty

  • John DiGregorio, Ph.D., M.D., Medical Director of NMS Labs
  • Heather Harris, M.F.S., J.D., Independent Forensic Chemistry Consultant
  • Richard Nilsen, M.S., J.D., Commander of the Forensic Services Unit and Assistant DA in the Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office
  • Michael F. Rieders, ’80, Ph.D., Forensic Toxicologist and Chair of the Board at NMS Labs
  • Allen Stewart, M.S., Deputy Sheriff in the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Department
  • Christian Westring, Ph.D., DNA Technical Leader at NMS Labs
  • Jill Yeakel, M.S.F.S, Program Director at The Center for Forensic Science Research and Education

Laboratory Instructors

  • Fran Diamond, Criminalistics Technical Leader at NMS Labs
  • Warren Korn, Laboratory Manager at The Center for Forensic Science Research and Education

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