Bachelor of Arts in Global Legal Studies

This major requires successful completion of 12 courses, typically totaling 45-48 credits, of which eight will be taken on the Glenside, Pa., campus. The remaining four required courses include two law and two cognate courses taken abroad at an Arcadia University College of Global Studies program site. Other disciplines with required or elective courses in the Global Legal Studies major include: History, Philosophy, Economics, Business, Criminal Justice, International Studies, and Communications.

It is expected that students will complete required courses at the 100 level and at least one elective at the 100 or 200 level their first year, the required courses at the 200 level their second year, study abroad their third year, and the Senior Thesis and Capstone as well as any remaining required electives their final year. Students must be on campus their senior year to complete the Senior Thesis sequence.

Although not required for the major, Global Legal Studies seniors are encouraged to take the pre-law internship PS 324A and B (2 + 2 credits), either simultaneously or in sequence. Combining the study of law in another culture with working directly with legal professionals within the United States provides Arcadia students with solid preparation for law school.


(45-48 credits as listed below, with Undergraduate Curriculum requirements and electives to total 128 credits)

1. Six required courses in Political Science

  • PS 150 Comparative Politics
  • PS 201 Political Science Research and Writing
  • PS 220 American Constitutional Law
  • PS 411 Introduction to International Law
  • PS 490/491 Senior Thesis Seminar and Senior Thesis

2. Two courses in Law (to be taken abroad, subject to adviser approval)

3. Electives, two of which must be taken abroad, subject to adviser approval, and two of which should be selected from the following. Upon adviser approval, additional courses may count toward this requirement.

  • BA 230 Legal Environment of Business
  • BA 232 International Environment and Legal Issues for Business
  • CJ 160 Crime and Punishment
  • CM 215 Public Speaking for Business
  • EC 210 Principles of Macroeconomics
  • PL 175 Ethics
  • PL 155 Applied Logic
  • HS 228 America as Empire
  • IS 340 Law, Disorder and Globalization
  • PS 110 Law and the Legal Process
  • PS 211 Terrorism and Counterterrorism
  • PS 218 Criminal Law and Procedures
  • PS 225 Politics and the Developing World
  • PS 240 United States Foreign Policy
  • PS 241 International Relations
  • PS 243 Introduction to Peace and Conflict Resolution
  • PS 270 Introduction to Security Studies
  • PS 330 American Political Thought
  • PS 335 Politics of Russia and East Europe
  • PS 340 The Judiciary
  • PS 370 International Human Rights
  • PS 375 Constitutional Law II: The First Amendment
  • PS 420 International Security
  • PS 421 International Organizations
  • PS 422 Conflict Resolution in Deeply Divided Societies
  • US 232 Mock Trial Workshop

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