Requirements for the B.A. in History

The Bachelor of Arts degree program studies significant events and processes of the past and relates them to the present by examining the changing character of peoples’ values, interests, ambitions and critical problems.

(11 courses; typically 42–44 credits as listed below, with Undergraduate Curriculum requirements and electives to total 128)

1. Four introductory-level (100-level) courses in History; one introductory-level International Studies course, not including IS 101, may substitute for a History course.

2. HS 201 History Research Writing: to be taken by the end of a student’s second year.

3. Four intermediate/advanced-level (200- and 300-level) courses in History. Up to two intermediate/advanced-level International Studies courses, not including IS 490 and 491, may substitute for History courses.

4. Senior Thesis courses HS 490 (fall); HS 491 (spring) Senior Thesis Seminar

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