Honors Program Course of Study

Freshman EN 101H EN 102H
Sophomore HN 201 Explorations in Leadership HN 390 Leadership in Action or HN 202 Honors Project
Junior & Senior Three HN 390 Colloquia* (three courses)

* Three courses total before graduation, including Leadership in Action. Alternatively, a student can adapt one upper-level course in his or her major for Honors credit.

Course Descriptions

EN 101H  Special Honors sections of freshman English 101.

HN 201 Explorations in Leadership (4 credits) This course focuses on leadership theory, exposes students to presentations by leaders in various fields, and provides opportunities to interview these leaders. Students also face weekly leadership mini-chellenges/hypothetical situations that require ongoing leadership skill develoment and teamwork. A visual/oral presentation celebration documenting the project and a portfolio of work are required to complete the class.

HN 202 Honors Project (2 credits) With guidance from a teaching team, including one of the Honors Program advisers and a faculty mentor, a student selects and pursues an independent project outside his or her major area of study. Projects encourage students to explore and develop their own various talents and interests.

HN 390 Honors Colloquia* Leadership in Action (Colloquia 3 or 4 credits; Leadership in Action 4 credits) Students choose a problem-based learning project, do a needs-based assessment, and then research, fundraise, prepare and implement solutions. This course is largely hands-on and experiential, but it also includes instruction in research methodology, networking, and the overarching topic (e.g., hunger) upon which th students' academic service-learning project is based.  

The Honors Colloquia focus on interdisciplinary topics. These courses are designed specifically for Honors students. Topics vary across the disciplines. Prerequisites: Juniors and seniors in the Honors Program and open to sophomores with prior approval from the Honors Program directors.

Course Adaption for Honors Credit

Students may adapt one upper-leve course in their majors for Honors credit. Students should approach and ask the faculty member if the course may be taken for Honors credit. The student will fulfill all regular requirements of the course plus additional responsibilities decided on by the professor and the student. These may include additional readings, research, papers and/or related projects. The student should then fill out the Adapted Course Form and return copies to the Honors Program directors and the Registrar.


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