Requirements for the Honors Program

The Honors Program offers five types of academic activities:

1. Honors sections of the first-year writing course, EN 101 Thought and Expression I. The Honors section of this course includes an intensive, integrated, multi-disciplinary project.

2. HN 201 Explorations in Leadership, a team-taught, interdisciplinary course focusing on leadership theory and practice.

3. HN 202 Honors Project, an independent research project outside the student’s major area of study for 2 credits.

4. Upper-level courses within a student’s major adapted for Honors credit

5. HN 390 Honors Colloquia, which are investigative, interdisciplinary seminars addressing open-ended topics. These seminars are unique to the Honors Program and explore topics not normally covered in the standard curriculum. The mainstay of the HN 390 course is Leadership in Action—a class that exposes students to problem solving, leadership theory and an opportunity to do a serious community service project of the class's choosing. Students can choose to take any class with an "L" for Leadership designation in lieu of Leaders in Action. The "L" designated classes all focus on teamwork, problem solving,experiential learning outside the classroom and reflective practice. In addition, every year a special HN 390 course is organized with eight to 10 days spent studying abroad. See Pathways to Study Abroad section.

Students accepted into the Honors Program after the first year who have satisfied the English requirement (EN 101) will not be required to take this course. Honors Program students must maintain a grade point average of 3.35 to remain in good standing. They also may not go more than one academic year without fulfilling an Honors requirement.

Recommended Scheduling of Honors Classes

Freshman Year

  • EN 101H Thought and Expression I (Honors)

Sophomore Year

Junior/Senior Years

  • Three courses:
    • HN 390 Honors Colloquia (three courses total before graduation, including Leadership in Action)
    • Alternatively, a student can adapt any one upper-level course in his or her major for Honors credit.




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