International Studies 3 Year Degree
Course Sequence

Please note that this course sequence is an example only. Each student’s program is individualized based on numerous factors including AP, IB or dual enrollment credits earned during high school. Accelerated degree students work closely with two academic advisors to produce a program of study that fits their needs and interests. More about the 3 Year degree.

The First Year

Fall Semester (16 credits)

  • EN 101 Though and Expression I
  • First-Year Seminar
  • International Studies Gateway Course
  • Modern Language

Spring Semester (20 credits)

  • Modern Language
  • 4 major or Arcadia Undergraduate Curriculum (AUC)
    • Quantitative Reasoning, Natural and Physical World, Creative Expressions or Visual Literacy recommended


  • Service Learning Experience (ex: working with NGOs, watchdog, UN or governmental agencies)

The Second Year

Semester Home (20 credits)

  • IS 201 International Studies Research and Writing
  • Modern Language
  • 3 Major or AUC courses
    • Recommended courses: Macroeconomics, 1 University Seminar or International Relations, and/or 1-2 of the following not completed in year 1: Cultural Legacies, Natural and Physical World, Visual Literacy, Creative Expressions

Semester Abroad (20 credits)

  • While abroad, students will take at least 2 courses for the International Studies major

The Third Year

Fall Semester (20 credits)

  • IS 490 Senior Thesis Seminar
  • 4 courses in Major, AUC, elective or Modern Language

Spring Semester (16 credits)

  • IS 491 Senior Thesis Seminar
  • 3 courses in Major, AUC, elective or Modern Language


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