Intensive Spanish Language Program

Student on Spain PreviewWith this intensive program in Spanish language and culture, students take a series of modern language courses enabling them to achieve oral competency in one academic year. Students acquire enough skill to participate more easily in non-English speaking study abroad settings and are able to gain greater global understanding from these experiences.

Students in this program will have several opportunities to put their language skills to use, including study abroad in Spain and study domestically in Philadelphia or Los Angeles.

The purpose of this intensive language program is to facilitate the use of Spanish language and culture across a student’s curriculum and to enhance his or her international perspective and experience inside of the major. Specific reasons for participation include desire to study abroad in Spain during the sophomore year or for students majoring in International Studies or International Business and Culture, who are required to achieve advanced level proficiency. Students in these majors also are required to study abroad as an integral part of their studies. By the end of one academic year, students will have the spoken competency of students who normally complete two years of traditional language training.

Created especially for this program is the SP 103 and SP 104 series, which recognizes the need to speed up the awareness and preparation of students who, day by day, live in an increasingly interconnected world, where cultural interaction has become a dominant mode. This series is the equivalent of completing SP 201.

Students may enter the program with varying levels of proficiency, based on the Spanish Language Placement Inventory.

  • If a student places in to SP 101, he or she will take SP103 in Fall and SP 104 in Spring.
  • If a student places into SP102, he or she will take SP102 in Fall and SP 201 in Spring.
  • If a student places into SP 201, he or she will take SP 201 in Fall and can move on to SP 202 in Spring.



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