Italian Studies

Majors Abroad Program

The major in Italian Studies, a Majors Abroad Program (MAP), requires students to spend one year in Italy and to complete 44 credits devoted exclusively to Italy-related study areas.

If due to extenuating circumstances a student cannot study abroad for the required year to complete the MAP, a petition may be submitted for an Individualized Major, which would include only one semester abroad. This petition must be submitted by the beginning of the student's junior year to the Academic Adviser for Individualized Majors in the Office of Graduate and Undergraduate Studies, for review by that Adviser and the UAPC Chair.

The courses taken as part of the major must cover at least three different areas from the following: Culture, Art History, History, Politics, Literature, Cinema, Music, Economy
and one departmental course in linguistics taught in English.

In order to study abroad, students should have a minimum GPA of 2.7 or 3.0, depending on the site. Before departing, students must contact the adviser in Italian, in Glenside, to select courses.

Requirements for the Bachelor of Arts in Italian Studies

Before departing, between the freshman and sophomore years:

  • IT 201 Intermediate Italian I (4 credits)
  • IT 202 Intermediate Italian Language and Culture (4 credits)
  • IT 203 Italian Conversation and Diction I (4 credits) or IT 204 Italian Conversation and Diction II (4 credits)
  • one departmental course in linguistics taught in English (4 credits)

In Italy, Junior Year: Students have the possibility of studying in five different places: Florence, Perugia, Rome, Lecce, and Syracuse. For more information, visit

In Glenside, Senior Year:

  • IT 490 Italian Senior Thesis I (4 credits Fall)
  • IT 491 Italian Senior Thesis II (2 credits Spring)


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