Requirements for the Minor in Political Science

The minor in Political Science supplements many major programs, especially International Studies, Communications, Health Administration, and Business, by enabling students to understand how political processes operate and by strengthening oral and written communication skills. Pre-law students, regardless of major, can complete the Pre-Law minor and/or a minor in Political Science. Arcadia also offers a B.A. in Global Legal Studies (a Majors Abroad Program) that requires students to take two law courses abroad.

Five or more courses totaling 18 to 20 credits are required, including no more than two courses at the 100 level and at least one course at the 300 level. Students should choose their courses with their adviser to ensure a valid relationship with their major program. Minors may focus on public law and political theory, U.S. politics and policy, or comparative politics and international relations, or combine these areas according to their own interests.

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