Requirements for Art Therapy Emphasis

1. Completion of the requirements for the major in Psychology.

2. Completion of 18 credits in studio art including:

  • FA 102 Studio Art Foundations I
  • FA 104 Drawing I
  • FA 103 Studio Art Foundations II
    or FA 105 Drawing II
  • Three additional studio art courses from the following:  FA 200, FA 203, FA 204, FA 205, FA 206, FA 208, FA 270, FA 291

3.Three courses in Art Therapy

  • AT 200 Introduction to Art Therapy
  • AT 210 Intermediate Art Therapy
  • AT 310 Art Therapy Application Techniques

4. Two PY electives

  • PY 205 Adult Psychopathology
  • Plus one course in developmental psychology from the following list:
    • PY 212 Developmental Psychology
    • PY 215 Developmental Psychopathology
    • PY 238 Adolesence

5. Either AT 365: Internship in Art Therapy or Senior Capstone research project in Art Therapy

Note: Art Therapy graduate programs vary in their specific studio art requirements. Some programs currently require specific coursework in ceramics, painting, and drawing. Students are strongly encouraged to consult specific graduate program requirements when choosing their studio art courses.

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