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Exploring Thought and Behavior One Individualized
Project at a Time

What motivates people’s thoughts and behavior, and how does this apply to interactions in our everyday lives? You will explore these questions firsthand in Arcadia’s Psychology program, where professors’ doors are always open and where compelling theories about human thought and behavior come alive through hands-on research. 

It all centers around the program’s focus on “evidence-based” (or research-based) practice, the recognized standard in psychology and other health-care professions.. What does this mean for you? Unmatched opportunities to collect and evaluate your own evidence… exciting possibilities to present and even publish your findings … and well-grounded people skills that will distinguish you in any career.

About Our Program

Students in Arcadia’s Psychology Program enjoy unmatched opportunities to engage in hands-on learning in a supportive, close-knit academic community. The curriculum is centered around “evidence-based” (or research-based) teaching, which is a recognized standard in health-care fields today. Consistent with this philosophy, all undergraduate students engage in extensive research and may also participate in internships and/or study abroad. A comprehensive yet flexible core curriculum enables students to combine with other majors/minors. Students go on to pursue a wide range of career pursuits in areas such physical therapy, art therapy, human resources and counseling.

About the B.A. in Psychology

  • Real-world internships and fieldwork
  • Opportunities to conduct and publish research with faculty
  • Senior research project
  • Core Liberal Arts Track
  • Pre-Professional Track
  • Ph.D Track
  • Opportunities to study abroad at some of the top universities around the world

Arcadia offers several different Psychology tracks designed to accommodate students’ interests and career objectives. Psychology coursework is unique in three ways. Many courses offer hands-on experience through laboratory or fieldwork.

Senior Capstone Experience: Major courses are sequenced, so every student is at the same experience level, and all seniors participate in Senior Seminar, an individually supervised research or internship project.

The Psychology major allows you to add relevant coursework in other disciplines to create one of three tracks.

Core Liberal Arts Track: The core liberal arts program allows the B.A. in Psychology to be combined easily with other majors such as Fine Arts, English or Pre-Medical studies. There is a Psychology/Business program for careers in human resources/psychology.

Pre-Professional Track: The pre-professional program prepares students for master’s degree programs in various post-graduate professional schools, including fields such as school psychology, art therapy, music therapy, psychiatric social work, and school counseling and guidance. Arcadia offers a Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology, and Psychology majors who meet the criteria for admission will be given preferential consideration for admission.

Ph.D. Track: The Ph.D. track is specifically geared to prepare students for entrance into Ph.D. programs in psychology, including teaching, research and professional careers in psychology.


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