Arcadia University is a nationally recognized leader in study abroad. With 65 years of experience sending students overseas, our global reach extends far beyond the classroom walls. We have faculty, staff, and students around the world pursuing high-impact learning opportunities through study abroad, study away, research, and applied fieldwork.




    Quality study abroad programs

    Arcadia’s study abroad programs ensure academic quality, in-country staff support, and co-curricular opportunities to engage in your new community. If you choose to go on a short-term international experience such as Preview or a Global Field Study course, and/or plan on studying abroad, the Office of International Affairs, advisers, and faculty work to help you apply to the program that is right for you.

    The College of Global Studies at Arcadia is one of the most respected university study abroad programs in the nation. The college offers more than 140 quality study abroad programs at 16 international locations, including courses in service learning opportunities, field research, and internships.

    First-Year Study Abroad Experience

    Begin your undergraduate career with fellow Arcadia freshmen who choose to study abroad for an exciting semester in Europe. Through Arcadia’s First-Year Study Abroad Experience, a select group of students spend either the fall or spring semester of their first year studying abroad in London, England, or Stirling, Scotland.

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