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What do homeschoolers like about Arcadia University? 

Past homeschoolers have been attracted to close-knit community, historic campus, and attentive faculty. In addition, students are drawn to the many study abroad opportunities at Arcadia University. Some students have enrolled at the school because of the internship and career placement services available. Our location also appeals to students because our metropolitan campus is just 25 minutes away from Center City Philadelphia, bringing the best of both worlds to inquisitive students.

Can I apply to Arcadia University even if I don't have a diploma or a GED? 

Students without a diploma or GED may still apply. The portfolio, test scores, interview, and recommendation will be the factors considered in the admissions decision. (Please note that Pennsylvania will not award state aid, PHEAA, to students without a state-approved diploma or GED).  To locate a GED testing center near you, please visit

If I do not have a grade report, can I still apply for admission and be considered for scholarship money? 

Yes. Students without a grade report should submit a strong and thorough portfolio that represents their high school academic career. (See homeschool admission policy). The materials are reviewed for an admission decision and then are reviewed again by the scholarship committee to determine potential award amounts. Scholarships are also awarded for extracurricular activities and community service.

How important are SAT scores for admission? 

SAT scores are one component used in admissions to determine the scholastic ability of a student. It is considered in association with the student's established academic achievements.

Will my extracurricular activities be considered? 

Yes. Extracurricular activities are always considered in the admissions decision. It does not matter whether these activities are school sponsored or community based. We also look at a student's activities when awarding scholarships.

If my parent is my teacher, is it acceptable to submit a parental recommendation? 

Parents' recommendations are welcomed, but we also want a recommendation from an outside source. Possibilities include: evaluator, non-parent teacher, club/organization leader, employer, etc. The evaluation should be from a person who is aware of your academic abilities. If the parent is the only option for a recommendation, the university will accept it for review.

Why is a one-on-one meeting recommended? 

We recommend personal one-on-one meetings with an Enrollment Management Counselor for all students because it gives us a chance to learn things about a student that cannot be found on paper. It is also an excellent opportunity for the student to speak about their education and mention anything important that is not included in their application.

If I've taken courses at a community college, will Arcadia University accept the credits?

Arcadia University will typically accept the credit if the course correlates with one of our own academic departments and is a C- or better.

Does Arcadia University accept AP or CLEP exam scores? 

AP scores of 3 or higher will be accepted for credit. Passing scores on the CLEP exam typically will also be accepted for university credit.

As a homeshooled student, will I be eligible for financial aid? 

Homeschooled students that are admitted to Arcadia University can apply for all federal, state, and institutional aid and will be evaluated in the same way as a traditional high school student. However, according to state law, Pennsylvania students without a recognized diploma or a GED will not be eligible for state grant money. (Students from other states may want to check the Board of Education to inquire about their own state grant laws).

What is the religious atmosphere like at Arcadia University? 

Arcadia University is ecumenical in nature. Many students choose to become involved in one of our student organizations including, Hillel, Arcadia Christian Fellowship (a ministry of InterVarsity), and the Neumann Club. Local churches represent several different faiths and students are welcome to worship at the place of their choice.



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