Master's/Doctorate Degree Scholarships, Assistantships and Loans for International Students


The following Master's and Doctorate programs review for scholarships:

  • Doctorate of Physical Therapy
  • Masters of Science Physicians Assistant
  • Masters of Science Forensic Science
  • Masters of Science Genetic Counseling
  • Masters of Arts International Peace and Conflict Resolution

These scholarships are reviewed for on a case-by-case basis and are based solely on Academic Merit proven with the Academic Credentials provided when the student applies.

Scholarships can only be applied to the cost of tuition. No scholarships are awarded to cover living expenses.

Graduate Assistantships

Master's/Doctorate students who would like to work on campus can be eligible to earn up to $3,600 per year through a graduate assistantship. Once students arrive on campus, they must apply to the Office of Graduate Studies for open positions. Student work from 8-12 hours per week and receive a paycheck once a month for the hours worked. The average rate is $14.29 USD per hour. This amount of $3,600 USD is not deducted from the cost of attendance.

International Student Loans

International student loans are available to students who have a valid U.S. cosigner. Such students borrow money through the Wells Fargo Collegiate Loan (apply online at or the Sallie Mae Smart Loan Program (apply on-line at www.salliemaesmartoption ) Students can borrow up to the annual cost of attendance minus the other financial aid received.  The programs offer flexible repayment options and borrowers have up to 20 years to repay their loans in some cases.  

You will need, at the very minimum, enough funding to cover the costs of the program tuition and fees as well as an additional $18,000 USD for living expenses.

Please note that international students with non-immigrant visas are not eligible to apply for federal or state (U.S. Government) funds for their education.


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