Tuition & Fees for
Part-Time Undergraduate Students

Students are considered part-time on the undergraduate level if they enroll for less than 12 credits. Part-time undergraduate students are charged on a per credit basis, as opposed to full-time students who pay one flat tuition rate each semester.

Fall 2013, Spring 2014:  $595 per credit 

Summer 2014:  $500 per credit hour (visit for a full list of courses)

Fall 2014, Spring 2015:  $620 per credit hour

During the fall and spring semesters, there is also a $40 parking fee per semester.

There are no parking fees during the summer term on the Glenside and King of Prussia campuses.

On average, tuition increases 3.9%-4.4% annually; however, undergraduate student Federal Direct Stafford Loan eligibility increases as the student increases in grade level, at a pace of $1,000 annually (i.e.-from $5,500 in borrowing eligibility as a first-year student, to $6,500 a year as a sophomore and then to $7,500 a year as a junior and senior), which assists in covering anticipated tuition increases. 

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